Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Quick Information

Franchise business type:
Hotplate Noodle

Franchise capital investment: Rp 300 jt

Franchise fee:
Rp 150 jt Royalti fee: 3%

Head office address: PT. MIHO SUKSES ABADI, Jl. Kali kepiting 59-61, Surabaya 60115 Jawa Timur - Indonesia

Email: miho @

Contact person: Bapak Steven Kurniawan

Phone: +62 081 23294184


Detail Information

Pool your investment funds with PT. Miho Sukses Abadi’s management system, business plan and professional workers, which have been tested and proven successful.

Many of our partners have witnessed how PT. Miho Sukses Abadi moves and bring you together to reap the success in the fast food business.

If you have a space of at least 25m² in a mall, food court or any crowd centre in your city; Don’t hesitate. Contact us immediately.

- Guaranteed quality
- Matching standard ingredient
- Affordable price with no compromise in our standard of service
- Can be consumed by all ages
- A large network of branches
- Well known by public
- Varieties of tantalizing menus
- Promising prospect in the F&B business
- Unique flavour specially tailored to suit Indonesians` tastebuds

- A promising Investment with a relatively small capital
- Well-established product franchise
- Comprehensive Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)
encompassing service, quality, hygiene and training of
our human resources
- Management support
- Promotion
- Monitoring system
- Estimated break event point of 2 years.
- Total monthly sales revenue of approximately Rp.150 million

- Business Type: Fast Food.
- Product: Noodle, Kwetiau, Rice, etc.
- Target Market: Mall patrons.
- Market Population: Adults and Children.
- Location: Mall, foodcourt, matching location with marketing target

We believe that customer satisfaction is the key to success. Thus, both of the product and customer care will have to pass through critical business processes as follows:

- Planning:
A careful mapping of steps towards our goal.

- Movement:
Execution of plans.

- Evaluation:
Measures Taken to ensure smooth operation and our readiness to
face circumstances beyond control.

By partnering with PT. Miho Sukses Abadi as franchisees, your capital is in good hands and this can be proven by our successful franchises at Manado, Bali and Jakarta.

Support and guidance from our excellent team of talented people, we believe that profits will not deviate far but rather, closely resemble our main budget.

Franchise Investment Table:

Buildup Area

Type dinning room: Minimum 100m²
Food Court: approximately 25m²

Preferably shopping mall / plaza

Required operational facilities
Kitchen equipments, cleaning and working tools and office supplies

Human Resource composition

1 store Manager
2 Stock-keepers, 2 chasiers, 3 orang cheefs
3 Front Service and 3 Back Service personnel

Franchise Fee
200 million Rupiahs (Java Island)
225 million Rupiahs (Outside Java Island)

Franchise Contract
5 years

Royalti Fee

Minimum investment on top of the Franchise Fee
300 millions Rupiah for location within Java Island

Investment description
Purchase of Equipments, renovation, working capital, deposit, purchase of raw materials

Other Fee

Break Even Point
Approximately 2 years

Sales Revenue
Approximately 150 million Rupiahs / month

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