Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Franchise Name: Mindlab

Franchise Fee: 260,000,000

Royalti: 12%

Capital investment: 500,000,000

Office Address:

MindLab Indonesia
Arteri Pondok Indah
No 8G
Jakarta Selatan

Phone: (021) 7258151


MindLab is the worlds leading provider of life skills education to children. MindLab programmes are offered in school hours or after school and use carefully selected games and puzzles from around the world to develop and sharpen children's thinking, problem-solving and interpersonal skills - all whilst having a wonderful time! Through the well structured curriculum, children learn how to apply these essential life-skills to everyday situations.

Kids can't get enough of it - MindLab is stimulating and great fun

Parents love it - MindLab provides children with the skills they need to succeed in life in an enjoyable and enriching way.

Schools love it – MindLab provides a highly engaging programme which improves children’s scholastic performance, as well as transferable thinking, social and emotional intelligence skills. MindLab provides all the resources needed to bring this enrichment programme to schools including: trained MindLab teachers, games, curriculum and exercise books for the pupils.

Demand for MindLab facilities is huge but you can chose how large to grow your MindLab business and reap the corresponding financial rewards.

A MindLab franchisee operates their business in a specific contiguous geographical territory of approximately 40 specified schools within an LEA. A franchisee offers MindLab classes for an hourly fee per student to a variety of pupils in a mix of services which could include after school clubs, school partnerships and holiday programmes.

The revenue a franchisee can earn from running MindLab classes depends entirely on the amount if time they want to invest in their MindLab business. As an example, if a franchise has an average number of 20 students per class and runs 15 hours of MindLab classes per week, in a 44 week year they could make over RP 1000,000,000 ( 1 Billion rupiah) of profit.

Franchisees can make additional income by offering more MindLab classes, running holiday programmes and summer camp programmes which have not been included in the above projections.

MindLab which was developed over 13 years ago, is well established internationally, over one million students in over 30 countries have benefited from MindLab programmes. MindLab Indonesia was launched in September 2007 and is growing at a rapid pace. We, and our new franchisees have had a highly enthusiastic response from pupils, parents and schools who are as excited about the MindLab programme as we are.

You'll love MindLab too! MindLab offers all the rewards of running your own business as well as the job satisfaction of making a real difference to the life of hundreds of school children, their families and the wider community - helping children to improve scholastically, build better personal relationships, relate to and cooperate with others and learn how to tackle life's problems and challenges.
MindLab COST

The cost of a MindLab franchise, which gives you exclusive rights to run MindLab programmes in a specified geographic territory, is RP 260,000,000.

A contract extension fee of RP 180,000,000 is due in five years.

MindLab will receive on ongoing royalty of 12% of student revenues, or the minimum performance targets, which ever is greater, as per the following schedule:

1st year - Rp 1,800,000 per month (commencing 3 months after signing for the next 9 months)

2nd year - RP 2,700,000 per month

3rd year - RP 3,600,000 per month

4th year and hereafter - RP 4,500,000 per month

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